There’s so much rush among everyone to achieve something in life. We want to be ‘the best’ . Each one of us want to touch the peak. 

Carelessly we brush off the efforts needed. In a hurry, we start off. We rest in the midway. And when we reach the end, we jump. We leap through the obstacles.

Let’s consider yourself a good observer and hold the faults we do. 

  • We start off hurriedly – Beginning with something needs proper planning. We concoct before we start. If not, we get stuck  before the midway.
  • Rest in Midway – Midway was never meant for rest. It’s the phase which cries out for our hard work and efforts. We are even opposed on our paths. Put a small halt, don’t rest. Because there’s another half left to cover.
  • Leaping to the end – Conclude your work with patience and dedicate yourself to it. Don’t leap obstacles, get inspiration from them. If not, the same would happen when you fall on a blind step.

    These paths are not finite, they are unquestionably infinite. We all have different opinions regarding each topic. Whether it is about being ‘the best’ or ‘resting in the midway’.  


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