Of peaks and valley

You see that mountain. Look at it’s peak and then observe it’s valley.


Peak is the achievement and Valley is the success. You climb up to the top, achieve something with your hard work. Then you look down with pride and get mesmerized by seeing the valley. Even the way down looks easy. Don’t rush down, you might meet up with accidents. Instead of being careless, be cautious with what you have achieved. You should travel slow, be steady and maintain your balance in downhill. Until you reach the valley, and gain success.

Don’t halt the journey, there’s much left to achieve.


3 thoughts on “Of peaks and valley

  1. This reminds me of what some people call the Hero’s Journey. In stories that follow this format, the peak is when the hero achieves some boon by performing a great feat. But that’s not the most important part of their adventures. The culmination of the Hero’s Journey is when the hero returns home after reaching the peak, and hopefully uses their boon (i.e. success) to benefit those “in the valley” (as you might say).

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