Two Masks

masks_by_benersphereTwo Masks, I Wear;
One Sweet, too rare.

Another mild, too shady.
It’s not bad, but crazy.

First Activates
when one awakens my taste.

Second comes Alive
when one tries to thrive.

Everyone like the first,
Being good is its worst.

Second One’s a disgrace,
just a meaningless Phrase.

Arrogant fits it’s name;
and hatred doubles it’s fame.

First mask’s the Best,
Worse appear rest.

Those who suggest,
to wear the best.

“It’s tough, Not that easy to be attained;
Neutrality, A thing to be Maintained.

These masks are social scents,
Not a Human Experiment.

All this time, an unsolvable tasks;
The mystery of my two masks.


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