Another Chance to live

Setup is ready, just as my mind,

It has to end this very last time.

Effortless has to be the ride,

To the end of my journey, with a suicide.
Hanging rope seems reliable 

As firstly did my friends,

It is tight, chokes me,

As did their mockery, that never ends.
I climb the roof,

It was thrilling as the test.

But the way down caught my senses,

That’s why I never gave it my best.
I gripped a blade at last,

It was as beautiful as her.

It had the same sharp edge,

That’s smoother than a fur.
Blade curves around my wrist,

It felt cold, when the blood ejected.

That was painful,

It hurts as bad when she rejected.
Moment didn’t stop,

Nor did the blood.

It flows out in streams, 

Similar  to a furious flood.
The bloodlines run down,

Deep from the cuts.

It bears pain, sorrow 

And a lots of lost guts.
Life had a scent, 

I miss it already.

Death smells oblivious,

Coming slow and steady.
I follow the scent back,

Trace it, but it gets lost.

Place where cowardice mocks me 

And the rejection that cost.
I want my end well,

With my beings around, on a beautiful bed.

But the chain stops me, halts my dream,

The blood chain which is long red.
With a dizziness in mind,

And feeling of guilt.

All I want is from life,

An another chance to live.


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