Two moments love

Fascinating thoughts came to me,

with a winter short cold breeze;

The day she wrecked thee,

bleak old life of me.

Short Cry follows my grief,

ending up shortly at sea;

where we met, seems like a hunch,

we went bad, after brunch.

We’d a slip, a trip, rolled in the bed,

something happened,  I’d never forget;

Eternal love in Eden we found,

At this moment woe makes me a vagabond.

We ended up on  a nice fine day,

Emotions started flowing away;

Memorizing from the rose we together grew,

to the petal, she herself  blew.

What I regret is bud she bears,

I refused to receive her tears;

We were two, while we’d fun,

All I long is to count two as one.


Love Fades!




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