I love her!

I love, her simple way of live life,
Suits me well.
Because it’s not the need of beauty,
Where I fell.

I love her, truly love her,
Not to make her mine.
But for her to truly know,
What she is to define.

I love the way she walks, the way she talks,
Never disturbs the silence.
Just one word could stop anyone,
From spreading violence.

I love her, they love her too,
There are too many, what can I do?
I’m not a suitable one, that’s just fine,
What I don’t care, if she can’t be mine.

I love her, bless her,
Not to take the curses away.
So that she could be happy,
With whom she stays.

I loved her, defined her on my own,
Don’t worry, I’m happy with the seed sown.
Friends – enemies, all I made,
To calm my heart, I’m left with a picture to fade.


Love fades


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