Key to success

Looking up the sky I thought,
How better it would be to fly; I try and try,
But i wonder why couldn’t I fly?
They told me to swim, not to dive.
Because I wanted the key, key to thrive
Before any interruption, I dived down.
With full eyes on the key, I felt the water running on me.
I duck, I fell, I cried. Until I did a successful try.
I found the key, it’s gold.
No wonder, the one who threw it,
Must be someone old.
That would be someone who advised,
You must swim, not dive.
With a open mind I came out,
What unheard was furious shouts.
They shouted, they ran, the fear,
If their was somebody disappear.
With me on the shore, no worries to be met,
Because I know that the sun has still not set.
Pray those who sunk, respect those who flee
Knowing the value of the old golden key.unnamed-1


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