After Christmas

The Christmas is over. Ya, it’s over now, but does it really means  the end of the Christmas spirit. You know the answer very well. The spirit of Christmas past forcibly pulls the bad memories, to make you think what could you have done to make good from that bad.


Past, present and Yet to come

The spirit of Christmas present awakes you from the dream you had. Now it is the time, it would tell you. To stand on your feet without any support. Enjoy with full heat, with everyone. Don’t let anyone to fall in loneliness. This spirit can’t be described until you know yourself.

The third one is the spirit of Christmas future, it will definitely put you into tangling situation with its sweet talks. No one knows today, what the future holds. So, try to keep away from this spirit.

Understand their importance and I hope that these three haunt you.

Don’t worry, no curses. Just kidding with you! By the way, Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas


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