Oblivious Past

Many times, it has been many times that i have lost what i gained. It is not an accounts class that i must study that Profit = loss;……………..it is my life.  I have changed four cities in just sixteen years of my life and………forgot a hell of a thing. i Forgot the achievements (small ones), the fame (being infamous) and the sportsmanship that i had ( lost 6 yrs ago). Even i forgot the charms of the beauties of the old cities. But how can i be so sure that i forgot them? How can i be suspicious towards my own memory? Still i am rambling about those glorious days.

I have been living in this fifth city for more than seven months and i have come to know the world so greatly. The complexity that the world is presenting as the base of a ordinary’s life, tends to be the biggest possible difficulty. This new city, and this new state has shown me that within a country what is the real meaning of unity and  countryhood (sarcasm?).

Don’t worry this past might be oblivious but the experience I’ve gained from being a wanderer has helped me and will definitely help me to beat the challenges.


Use the Experience ! Oblivious Person.


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