Live For a Cause!

Again I am in front of my laptop and searching for some idea to struck my mind. With my commencing statement to the concluding line. My mind is about to disclose all its secrets to me.  Sounds boring, but truly speaking it is fun for me. Blogging has risen my mind from the other obsessive activities that go around. It gives me the spine chilling excitement that I want every week in my boring life.

It is not only that writing things makes me feel good, it is a cause in your life which makes you feel that you gotta do some work. Being a student, I’ve found that there are various gates to enter and many work to pick up. In this century, finding cause is very easy. Look around you, you’re surrounded by them. And genuinely saying, finding cause is not that important, but if you feel that you’re being surrounded by silences then a cause would help you.

One finds one cause at a very old age or at a young age, the mature ones don’t have enough time to find a cause. Not knowingly that they live only for their cause. Some live for their family, some for their country, some even live because he’s a Amitabh Bhachan’s Fan. (When they would start living for me? I think!).

Don’t think that my cause is blogging, I am a researcher, writer, student, brother and a son. Not a certified one , but the point is the reason to live a life never tells its name until you ask it. being-a-mountaineer11


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