You Hypocrite!


It’s what Hypocrisy Looks like

We humans, always show some attention towards other human. Its in our blood. we can’t see any other fellow human’s life getting distorted or him getting in the wrong way. We stand in the crossroads to guide them. We are the only ones who have proved the bond of Brotherhood in this whole world. Not just in world but also in this Universe.

Do you really think that the whole thing i wrote above is truth? Don’t take it as a lie either, Its in our nature. What?


Hypocrisy, Its in our Blood. I don’t contradict my statement that we are not helpful, we are the only ones who help ourselves (Since we are selfish and egoists). But in 80% cases we turn out to contradict this statement. The statement that i give is just a simple one. Take it in your daily surroundings, take example of anything, you will find each word, each statement, each theory contradicting other. To keep one above, the nature of a 21st century homo-sapien  has become same like a politicians speech (harsh, unfaithful and contrary).

What can we do? What can i do? I can’t erode humanity, just because they counter act, even i am a human. In cases i fund myself contrary too. Do you find yourself, contradictory?


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