Infinitely Many Ways



My Life is strange,
no aim on its course;
way it presents two,
Beyond shadow of doubt, one is true.
It astonishes me, when I move,
Found three more, inside one of two;
Pressing my mind up and down,
it’s harder than the last, way I must found.
I am getting baffled as I advance,
as I found six more ways in midway;
Starting from two, I’ve reached six,
How many more I needed to risk?
With the Path becoming maze,
and this thought becoming a rhyme;
Show me the abode,
where this unbearable pain can split the time.
Where I can clearly see my way
through the mazes;
to attain what I aim,
without anymore guess game.
No one should attempt
to start a quest without wits;
in a way that poses right,
after one has concoct where to fight.
Without this interpretation
one might suffer for days,
in the disorientation
              of infinitely many ways!

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