12 December, 2k16

Just 19 days more for a new year to begin, don’t think that i forgot Christmas. 13 days more to go. I didn’t knew, i just calculated it at this very second. I really care about the festive spirit of a human being but my support dies not stands when it come to the talk of religion. Because my ideals bind me only to support the beliefs that bind humanity, and to ignore and unfollow those which break it into pieces. i go to temples, i go to churches, i go to gurudwara, i go to the mosque not because i believe in it. But only because my parents told me to do so and to keep their word i keep my word of being a son too. That is why i left my religion. If you’re a Catholic, Hindu, Sikh,Muslim,  or a Hypothestic you might say that the idea of mine not following any religion is inhuman and is unacceptable , or you might support it. I  am in the case of your might and my might.

I have might just like an ordinary human being. Not with the idea that the Islam is basically terrorism and the Christians are born with the idea of peace. My belief is simple regarding religion, it is not a set of values which bond same type of humans. For me it is a set of rules which divides different types of humans.


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