Beaver Forever

An average human being has a tendency to acquire knowledge, with the sources at his desk he wants to gain it. We feel curious for things, about which we know something and for a thing which have never heard of we don’t even care to think.

This Eager Beaver lives within us. It lives till we’re hurrying to grow up. It continuously itches our back, so that we consume more information each day. As we grow up this beaver fall asleep.

The beaver growe136a71ba59f26a4f47bb6e34d2129b5s older within us as we grow mature. It grows older and the itch relaxes down. This beaver has a different life chain. It is born young, grows old then it go back to its childhood days. With the human getting old and insecure, many questions arose In its mind. This itch is just the same as the itch from the first day when a human grows to understand things.

The Eager Beaver lives till the death of the particular. It continues the itch and reduces the pain.


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