Strange Relations!

Relations are getting complex  as I grow up, and the relatives are getting stranger. In this 21st century with no barrier between communicators, the wall of silence. It’s not the relatives who are changing, its me who has changed. I’m not left with the eagerness or curiosity to talk to anyone, neither the known ones nor the unknown’s. The eager beaver that once lived, is long gone now. This is the beaver’s age when he will show these signs, they should understand it. The mature ones must understand that when we reply back or react on what they have said, it’s not that we want to react. But only being the natural tendency of a human being to react, and being a teen he/she could easily lose his/her temper.Employee-Relations.jpg

Not even the relatives even the family members are becoming strange to me. The gaps between us are increasing. When I put my point, they think that I’m arguing. When I spent some time alone, they think that I don’t want to live with them; but actually I do want to live with them. Wish to spent time with them.

you might say it’s not good. It should not happen. But I say , it is a part of life. today, the relations are connected with a strange bond, and a day would surely come when this bond would be the most strongest of all.


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