Die Coward Die!

” Cowards die many times before deaths; the valiant never tastes of death but once.”

This line from Julius Caesar (play), written by William Shakespeare

“Ha! Die Coward Die!”

And this line straight from the brain to the post. Never mind.

With the latest thoughts in mind, I thought it would be great to add some confident heights  and dialogues to my posts. It sounded great first. But then my mind cross checked this idea and the result came out that it might make a fool of me. Might be. It frightened me, shook me a little. But when I came to know why I was frightened? I was terrified. The reason was, I never tried it in my whole life. I never took any Risk. Because I thought taking risk is Risky!

That moment left me alone looking like a coward begging for mercy from myself only, asking to let the moment of mockery go away. That’s what I said to him – “Coward, you don’t even deserve death”.


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