Building Up the Confidence

I can’t say it…..can’t write it……can’t describe it. I have the right words, even I know the right way to express it. But I don’t have enough courage. That much to share it even with you. Don’t think that I’ve been bounded with fear. I just can’t build up enough courage to say it.Self-Esteem-Self-Confidence-Healing.jpg

What the Heck! Are You Hesitating?

I am not hesitating, or else I am. The point is that I am not that confident to act, nor that much to react. I let myself to absorb the surroundings energy into me and let my mind decide whether to react or not. Generally, I don’t react outside because I think it would gather unwanted attention(could be more troublesome) but in a place related to my belongings (positiveness), then a feeling emerges that I must act. Or when it comes for me to talk to a girl or a woman then I get dumbstruck. Simply Dumbstruck. Or when it comes to leaving a comment on anything, ten out of fifty people comment face to face. I count myself in the forty who hesitate to comment. Its not only about my vocal behaviour…its same through my physical expressions.

Lent me some time to build up confidence. I’ve just laid the foundations… I will let you know when it is completed in  my next post. But I make my promise to you, world that I won’t hesitate anymore from today.



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