21st Century and….

The 21st century has been marked by growing economic globalization and integration, with consequent increased risk to interlinked economies, and by the expansion of communications with mobile phones and the Internet. The period has also been marked by growing military globalization, with consequent stabilization of peace and the spread of democracy.

Worldwide demand and competition for resources has risen due to growing populations and industrialization, especially in India, China and Brazil . This increased demand is causing increased levels of environmental degradation and a growing threat of global warming. That in turn has spurred the development of alternate, renewable sources of energy, proposals for cleaner fossil fuel technologies and expanded use of nuclear energy and, conversely, calls to eschew the indiscriminate large-scale employment of the “fissile fossil complex” of fissile- (nuclear) and fossil-fuel energy generation.

And That’s the end of world History. Aah! that was too lengthy and boring, still I missed many things and I don’t want to post it again. oh! never ever again. Can’t change the history.

Let the past remain in the past, because my next post gonna spin your BRAINS! 


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