Ancient Era: The faded past

Ancient era records the beginning of Humanity. And extends as far to the classical ages. It refers to the era, when the history started being recorded. The Greek history started being recorded in 776 BC which clashes with the beginning of ancient Roman history in 753 BC.25486b736965a586a6c7d88822a89ad7.jpg

According to the archaeological study, there were many clues about the old civilizations. The prominent civilizations of that time were Mesopotamian, Indus Valley, Nile Valley/ Egyptian, Nubian, Mayan, Chinese, Persian, Greek, Roman, Aztec and Inca.

The Mesopotamian Civilization extended from 3300 BC – 750 BC, This civilization ranges from Sumer, Babylonia to  Assyrian highlands. The people were polytheistic, practicing cuneiform script.

The Indus valley Civilization extended from 3000 BC – 500 BC, ranging from East Pakistan to North west India(present). The people were polytheistic and hindu, practicing pictographic Script.

The Egyptian civilization survived from 3000 BC – 300 BC. It stretched along the north eastern Africa along  Nile river. The people were polytheistic and practiced Hieroglyphic Script.

The Nubian Civilization lived from 3000 BC – 350 BC. It Stretched along the Nile River. Where the people were polytheistic and hieroglyphic was their script.

The Mayan Civilization roared from 2000 BC – 1200 BC. It howled in the central part of America and in the Mexico. People followed polytheists and practiced Hieroglyphic Script.

The Chinese civilization lived from 2100 BC – 1 AD. The People were polytheistic and practiced Chinese as their script.

The Persian civilization record their survival in 750 BC. They Ranged throughout the Greater Persia. The people believed in Zoroastrianism and practiced Cuneiform and Pahlavi..

The Greek civilization survived from 2700 BC – 1500 BC, covering the western and central Greece. The people were Polytheistic and practiced Greek.

The Roman civilization extended from 600 BC – 400 AD. It covered the whole Italia. The People were polytheistic and practiced Latin.

The tribes of Aztec survived from 1325 AD – 1519 AD. These tribes covered the parts of Mexico. The tribal were polytheistic and practiced pictographic script.

The Inca tribes survived from 1300 AD – 1532 AD. These tribes covered the areas of Ecuador, Peru and Chile. The people being polytheistic, didn’t had any script.

“It was I who saw this great big land. With the dirty thoughts and Bad plan.”


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