The Power Of Visualization

We imagine, we draw a portrait of various things in our mind. But the question arises How? visualization-499x368.jpgIt’s the only cognitive tool accessing imagination to realize all aspects of an outcome, including recreation of mental sensory experience of sound, sight, smell and touch.

The technique of visualization is not as simple and primitive as it looks. it is a complex method with lots of mental strength because it is self straining job. When one starts imagining something, he triggers his visualization for better understanding. What one thinks, actually tries to live it through this power. This acts as an unlimited source of knowledge to him as he could draw his ideas to himself, but the real problem with this visualization is that we can’t describe it to anyone. If one can he could only do it through writing books, capturing videos or making documentaries. But it’s the hard way. The easy way could be found only through Visualisation.


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