Facing the Reality

It is in the front of me. Staring wildly, planning something very nasty. I can’t withstand the pressure of guessing his next move. I am running out of time, so much back that I have no chance to hold myself on track. But I still have to face this Demon.  This REALITY.


Reality, Biggest enemy of mine. It defeats me every time I face it. Breaks my courage, breaks me down. Some might try to enjoy the reality. But the truth is, Reality is just mockery. Whenever someone laughs at my back,, it hurts me. ‘Just a fool’ somebody said and it got stuck to my mind. Can’t leave it behind. A bad joke on me, hurting me every time I remember it.

Can’t Face..

BUT if the reality is so harsh, then I need to grow up strong, Strong enough to face it. Face it. Need to increase my courage. Need to improve my Imagination. Need to improve myself. Need to LET IT GO!

Because it’s just the reality that I can’t face this demon. But I will face this demon.





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