Death in the Depths

What I can simply admit at this moment that I am simply dead. Dead to my real identity. And  crossing the innocent stage of my imaginative self. yes, it is the inner depths where I have fallen, just to protect the world I made. What I planned and thought never to came up as imagined. the dreams only got confused with the complex truth of reality. I have fallen just to search the end of my endless depths. with my plans and thoughts failing, I fear even looking at the depths. I have fallen just to show others that I am not a coward. with the growing depths what I only feel is that I am getting weak. weaker and weaker with the growing cold and darkness. I have fallen , only to let the others to make a judgement. Make it quick before it’s too late.1360061427_music%20forgotten2small

Too young, maybe I am a bit too young to confine myself only to my thoughts. But there are others too, who just not have fallen but have collapsed. they have lost faith in their imagination and have quitted thinking.

But trust me, I might admit being dead but I live both the identities. I have the courage to outlive my imagination and have the ability to make it a Reality.


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