Breaking the Silence

With the silence surrounding  everything In your life, you better prepare yourself. Because you might need to break the silence, Shatter it into pieces.

To break the silence you need to overcome social isolation. And to overcome isolation, a need a of self-confidence howls at that moment. With the inner-confidence reflecting outside a man, then the soul of the silence fears to come around.

One needs to go deep inside him to search his own depths, search the depths for the feeling. the feeling of anxiety, fear, shyness or irritation towards ones behavior. If one does feels, he should try to take that feeling from the depths to its surface. The expressions has to be expressed . The emotions must be expressed to everyone, consider it as an important aspect of socialization. images-9

With the hope rising from the east mountains, the dark mist of silence collapses. With the growing forces of friends and well-wishers, the forces of isolation surrenders and beg for mercy.

“Don’t Beg, It’s just me! Your Friend!” you said.


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