Swinging With YOU!

Hey there fellas! Using the swing. Isn’t t obvious it’s fun. You are swinging off an ordinary kinetically rotatory swing held to the strong foundation of park. Of course, it’s not worth if it’s not fun.

Ask us adolescents, the answer is no. No, it isn’t. Before you jump off that and start arguing with me, ‘why?’. Let me tell you, we are about to discuss the ‘mood swings’.

A neurological term referring to the transient transition of a person’s behavior. Transition is important for person, but these swings are not that good. It’s a root cause for depression. Rather it itself gets originated from a few other neurological disorders. Bipolar disorder, Borderline Personality disorder (BPD), Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD), Sometimes Schizophrenia and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Unfortunately, almost 35% of the youth across the world is struck with this conundrum.

The changes of sleep patterns are a loss of self-esteem should be enough for you to understand you are caught by a disorder. But being caught in a disorder, itself is a major setback for one’s mental health. Just thinking about the swings, makes people depressed. The junk food needs to be blamed too. It has high sugar content, and too much blood sugar also leads to mood swings.

Relax! Take a deep breath and calm down. If you ask me to define Mood swing, it’s quite simple. It’s a common neurological phenomenon which is deemed to happen in a stressful life of this ever-changing world. It is a nuisance. None can deny.

Person swinging with his moods, might seem violent. Sometimes, they perform self-harming activities, come up with suicidal intentions, break open with violent outbreaks. However, in most of the cases they never intend to harm others. But their aggressive behavior causes a major setback to their social life.

People are pushed out, if they tend to interact with the sufferer. This swing lessens their interaction. Not just with their friends, but also creates a gap within the family. This swing isn’t ordinary. It’s vicious.


 Don’t jump off so suddenly. You will hurt yourself. Let it slow down, and as it comes to rest. Slowly step down. So, is the case with mood swing. One should not jump off directly to drug medication. Pace is important but with a calm mind.

First, relax. Introspect and accept. That you are caught in a problem. It is not a one-man act, gather around your characters, talk with them. Open yourself up, do what you love. Engage yourself with self-soothing activities.

Second, approach a psychiatrist. Don’t hesitate. Have faith in my words, they will help you. There are many techniques under their sleeves. Like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Cognitive Emotional Behavioral therapy (CEBT), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).  

Third, try focusing on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ aspects. It would enhance your practical approach. Filling you with willingness rather than wilfulness. Which is an important part in building your character.

And last, comes medication. Lithium (Lithium salts generally Lithium Citrate) is a commonly prescribed drug. Helps reduce depressing thoughts.

Push yourself from the negative thoughts, towards the positive sun shine. And steadily come down that swing. I believe you, you can do it. You can conquer that conundrum.

In the end. No, It’s the start.




The Alluring Sky

A woman is not a goddess, she is merely a woman. The present century woman doesn’t desire for noble privileges, she has no liking for being praised like a goddess, they have no intentions of writing their names on legends. What they only crave is a rightful status in the society. They don’t want a pious symbolization of their creed, rather they look out for a decisive role in the commonality. An equal share of workload, an equal share of credit. They rightfully fight for their status in society.

 From the day humans marked an intelligent start, the woman had started clashing with the male race. The feminine race had shared its workload, the current world conditions prove that. It has developed with a subtle cooperation of these two counterparts.

Till the Vedic age, woman enjoyed a satisfactory status and freedom in the society. Sky was within their reach. Vedas had gifted everyone a free sky, whether it was eagle or a sparrow. But it was after the Vedic age, the higher skies were restricted to the eagles, the men. The Woman’s status in the society started decreasing.

It was during the Mauryan empire, ‘Chanakya Neeti’ was introduced in India.  The time when most of the India resided under an umbrella. This book is composed of wise sayings of Chanakya. But it had been a major setback on the present woman status. It promotes, prefers the birth of a boy in a family. Giving particularly no importance to Woman. And hence, the northern India under the Mauryan influence became a Patriarchal society. On the other hand, the southern India grew into a matriarchal society.

Woman had been brave warriors, influential leaders, outstanding orators, proved themselves every time to be carrying an iron heart. Unfortunately, the partial publicity carried across the centuries by millions of artisans and philosopher. Woman is now claimed as a thing, an indigenous thing no one is proud of, but with a sensitive heart she is ought to soul bound the family.

The failure of the writers in the medieval centuries can also be regarded as an issue. Or a reason. They failed or didn’t try to portray a lady. They printed something else, painted a goddess. A meaningless symbolism. A societal façade. 

And the flag hoisted for the revolution. Woman revolution, marking its beginning with Jane Austen’s novel ‘Sense and Sensibility’. Rather it failed to present their bold front, however it inspired many females to rise above narrow prejudices. All around the world, woman had been fighting for their freewill.  It was the early 20th century, when the society lost its rigidity for the first time. First time woman had been given the right to elect in World. And within few decades, almost half the world had guaranteed women equality.

Yet, the half of the world was condemned by its own philosophy. Men couldn’t get a reason to abandon their teachings and respect woman for what they have done. And women were hopeless finding a jaw breaking argument.  Though they are still unable to counter the philosophical conundrum whose roots lie from antiquity.

Present year marks 18 years past the 21st century.  Situations have changed, in the sense it’s getting better. Woman have started gaining the lost respect, the credit for significant role in the current advancement. They had regained their status equal to men.

They have not stopped resisting, rather they indulge in societal causes. But the media, the propaganda machine of the country always ruins things for the worst. They fight for human welfare; the media experts praise it stating it to be a woman welfare. Creating a domino effect which backfires on the woman stronghold.

On introspection, the modern India promises an open sky. Eagles and the sparrows flying together.  But there are ravens too.The male chauvinists, who cannot bear to see a woman competing with them. So, they have started hunting down the sparrows. Their presence still is a threat to Woman’s rightful status. The society wants, yet it cannot promise them an open sky.

Woman’s importance to the ravens has been like that adage, which cannot be interpreted. Yet criticized. A constant forceful attempt for intercourse, harassment, abuse and social misconduct – as the raven term to be an expected aftereffect. Some evil traps which has snatched away many feathers.

Though, the circumstances seem terrible. But the sparrow has seen worse. She won’t fall again. Such an intense journey from the time of Vedas. They are determined to be bold, with everything. From the sense of style to the sense of Understanding. How much their intentions are pestered, they won’t stop. They will continue cooperating, working and modulating for the welfare. Welfare of the society they live in.

They will fly again soon together, the sparrow and the eagle. Together reaching the heights, raven can never think of. They are headed towards their rightful status. Towards a new face of world.

Someone once told me, ‘Those who dare to climb off the trenches after a fall, cannot be stopped from scaling a mountain.’  I can believe him now, when I see others. Fly sparrows fly, don’t stop until you reach that alluring sky!




The Coup

On palm of yours,
I write.
With the fear of force,
Don’t close thy sight.

On courage of yours,
I depend;
Written in trembling hands,
the code i will send.

On command of yours,
don’t ignore my plead.
It’s not my cry,
but a future decree.

On ego of yours
Not to offend.
I lead this coup
To put it at an end.

On might of yours,
I will laugh.
With thy glory,
that looks daft.

On land of yours,
I will raise my flag.
No one will cry,
When you’ll become rag.

On palm of yours,
Defeate i placed.
With no sacrifice,
With words i saved.


Of peaks and valley

You see that mountain. Look at it’s peak and then observe it’s valley.


Peak is the achievement and Valley is the success. You climb up to the top, achieve something with your hard work. Then you look down with pride and get mesmerized by seeing the valley. Even the way down looks easy. Don’t rush down, you might meet up with accidents. Instead of being careless, be cautious with what you have achieved. You should travel slow, be steady and maintain your balance in downhill. Until you reach the valley, and gain success.

Don’t halt the journey, there’s much left to achieve.

International Yoga Day!

Today’s the day to find inner peace. The day to stretch your body and let it relax. Relax at ease. Let your nerves and muscles be extended, let it feel the strain. It might feel funny, but gradually your mind and your body will find peace. Peace, that rests.


Today’s International Yoga Day, and I tried something awesome with my cousin, Akhil Ranjan . He’s not good at it…neither am I. We just tried   ( Sorry about the Bad Photography and the Shabby place) –


Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand)


Virasana (Hero  Pose)


Vitrasana (Camel Pose)




Spinal Twist



Virbhadrasana 1



Virbhadrasana 2








Two Masks

masks_by_benersphereTwo Masks, I Wear;
One Sweet, too rare.

Another mild, too shady.
It’s not bad, but crazy.

First Activates
when one awakens my taste.

Second comes Alive
when one tries to thrive.

Everyone like the first,
Being good is its worst.

Second One’s a disgrace,
just a meaningless Phrase.

Arrogant fits it’s name;
and hatred doubles it’s fame.

First mask’s the Best,
Worse appear rest.

Those who suggest,
to wear the best.

“It’s tough, Not that easy to be attained;
Neutrality, A thing to be Maintained.

These masks are social scents,
Not a Human Experiment.

All this time, an unsolvable tasks;
The mystery of my two masks.

Two moments love

Fascinating thoughts came to me,

with a winter short cold breeze;

The day she wrecked thee,

bleak old life of me.

Short Cry follows my grief,

ending up shortly at sea;

where we met, seems like a hunch,

we went bad, after brunch.

We’d a slip, a trip, rolled in the bed,

something happened,  I’d never forget;

Eternal love in Eden we found,

At this moment woe makes me a vagabond.

We ended up on  a nice fine day,

Emotions started flowing away;

Memorizing from the rose we together grew,

to the petal, she herself  blew.

What I regret is bud she bears,

I refused to receive her tears;

We were two, while we’d fun,

All I long is to count two as one.


Love Fades!



A parody on “a Psalm of life”

Life is real, life is earnest, 

And the shell is not its pen – 
“Egg thou art, and egg remainest” 
Was not spoken of the hen. 

Art is long and Time is fleeting, 
Be our bills then sharpened well, 
And not like muffled drums be beating 
On the inside of the shell. 

In the world’s broad field of battle, 
In the great barnyard of life, 
Be not like those lazy cattle! 
Be a rooster in the strife! 

Lives of roosters all remind us, 
We can make our lives sublime, 
And when roasted, leave behind us, 
Hen tracks on the sands of time. 

Hen tracks that perhaps another 
Chicken drooping in the rain, 
Some forlorn and henpecked brother, 
When he sees, shall crow again.

by Oliver Wendell Holmes

Fire and ice

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

By Robert Frost

I love her!

I love, her simple way of live life,
Suits me well.
Because it’s not the need of beauty,
Where I fell.

I love her, truly love her,
Not to make her mine.
But for her to truly know,
What she is to define.

I love the way she walks, the way she talks,
Never disturbs the silence.
Just one word could stop anyone,
From spreading violence.

I love her, they love her too,
There are too many, what can I do?
I’m not a suitable one, that’s just fine,
What I don’t care, if she can’t be mine.

I love her, bless her,
Not to take the curses away.
So that she could be happy,
With whom she stays.

I loved her, defined her on my own,
Don’t worry, I’m happy with the seed sown.
Friends – enemies, all I made,
To calm my heart, I’m left with a picture to fade.


Love fades

Key to success

Looking up the sky I thought,
How better it would be to fly; I try and try,
But i wonder why couldn’t I fly?
They told me to swim, not to dive.
Because I wanted the key, key to thrive
Before any interruption, I dived down.
With full eyes on the key, I felt the water running on me.
I duck, I fell, I cried. Until I did a successful try.
I found the key, it’s gold.
No wonder, the one who threw it,
Must be someone old.
That would be someone who advised,
You must swim, not dive.
With a open mind I came out,
What unheard was furious shouts.
They shouted, they ran, the fear,
If their was somebody disappear.
With me on the shore, no worries to be met,
Because I know that the sun has still not set.
Pray those who sunk, respect those who flee
Knowing the value of the old golden key.unnamed-1

The Last Lively Moment

Live the day you are left with,

Next day’s going to be unexpected;

Live the hour you are left with,

Next hour’ s could be a fright;

Live the minute you are left with,

Next minute’s a happening twist;

Live with the second left,

Because who knows, does next second exists?

With a solemn face,

I look towards myself;

Think-‘During Chimes,

Is it important to repeat depressing rhymes’;

This is the last moment of the year,

Let’s make it great;

Without any guilts in our mind,

Do celebrate!

Give Joy to others,

Lend Tears to fear;

And don’t let it go,

Because the last lively moment is near.


Happy New Year to the fellow readers and bloggers!  – Nikhil Ranjan


Oblivious Past

Many times, it has been many times that i have lost what i gained. It is not an accounts class that i must study that Profit = loss;……………..it is my life.  I have changed four cities in just sixteen years of my life and………forgot a hell of a thing. i Forgot the achievements (small ones), the fame (being infamous) and the sportsmanship that i had ( lost 6 yrs ago). Even i forgot the charms of the beauties of the old cities. But how can i be so sure that i forgot them? How can i be suspicious towards my own memory? Still i am rambling about those glorious days.

I have been living in this fifth city for more than seven months and i have come to know the world so greatly. The complexity that the world is presenting as the base of a ordinary’s life, tends to be the biggest possible difficulty. This new city, and this new state has shown me that within a country what is the real meaning of unity and  countryhood (sarcasm?).

Don’t worry this past might be oblivious but the experience I’ve gained from being a wanderer has helped me and will definitely help me to beat the challenges.


Use the Experience ! Oblivious Person.

Live For a Cause!

Again I am in front of my laptop and searching for some idea to struck my mind. With my commencing statement to the concluding line. My mind is about to disclose all its secrets to me.  Sounds boring, but truly speaking it is fun for me. Blogging has risen my mind from the other obsessive activities that go around. It gives me the spine chilling excitement that I want every week in my boring life.

It is not only that writing things makes me feel good, it is a cause in your life which makes you feel that you gotta do some work. Being a student, I’ve found that there are various gates to enter and many work to pick up. In this century, finding cause is very easy. Look around you, you’re surrounded by them. And genuinely saying, finding cause is not that important, but if you feel that you’re being surrounded by silences then a cause would help you.

One finds one cause at a very old age or at a young age, the mature ones don’t have enough time to find a cause. Not knowingly that they live only for their cause. Some live for their family, some for their country, some even live because he’s a Amitabh Bhachan’s Fan. (When they would start living for me? I think!).

Don’t think that my cause is blogging, I am a researcher, writer, student, brother and a son. Not a certified one , but the point is the reason to live a life never tells its name until you ask it. being-a-mountaineer11

You Hypocrite!


It’s what Hypocrisy Looks like

We humans, always show some attention towards other human. Its in our blood. we can’t see any other fellow human’s life getting distorted or him getting in the wrong way. We stand in the crossroads to guide them. We are the only ones who have proved the bond of Brotherhood in this whole world. Not just in world but also in this Universe.

Do you really think that the whole thing i wrote above is truth? Don’t take it as a lie either, Its in our nature. What?


Hypocrisy, Its in our Blood. I don’t contradict my statement that we are not helpful, we are the only ones who help ourselves (Since we are selfish and egoists). But in 80% cases we turn out to contradict this statement. The statement that i give is just a simple one. Take it in your daily surroundings, take example of anything, you will find each word, each statement, each theory contradicting other. To keep one above, the nature of a 21st century homo-sapien  has become same like a politicians speech (harsh, unfaithful and contrary).

What can we do? What can i do? I can’t erode humanity, just because they counter act, even i am a human. In cases i fund myself contrary too. Do you find yourself, contradictory?

Infinitely Many Ways



My Life is strange,
no aim on its course;
way it presents two,
Beyond shadow of doubt, one is true.
It astonishes me, when I move,
Found three more, inside one of two;
Pressing my mind up and down,
it’s harder than the last, way I must found.
I am getting baffled as I advance,
as I found six more ways in midway;
Starting from two, I’ve reached six,
How many more I needed to risk?
With the Path becoming maze,
and this thought becoming a rhyme;
Show me the abode,
where this unbearable pain can split the time.
Where I can clearly see my way
through the mazes;
to attain what I aim,
without anymore guess game.
No one should attempt
to start a quest without wits;
in a way that poses right,
after one has concoct where to fight.
Without this interpretation
one might suffer for days,
in the disorientation
              of infinitely many ways!

12 December, 2k16

Just 19 days more for a new year to begin, don’t think that i forgot Christmas. 13 days more to go. I didn’t knew, i just calculated it at this very second. I really care about the festive spirit of a human being but my support dies not stands when it come to the talk of religion. Because my ideals bind me only to support the beliefs that bind humanity, and to ignore and unfollow those which break it into pieces. i go to temples, i go to churches, i go to gurudwara, i go to the mosque not because i believe in it. But only because my parents told me to do so and to keep their word i keep my word of being a son too. That is why i left my religion. If you’re a Catholic, Hindu, Sikh,Muslim,  or a Hypothestic you might say that the idea of mine not following any religion is inhuman and is unacceptable , or you might support it. I  am in the case of your might and my might.

I have might just like an ordinary human being. Not with the idea that the Islam is basically terrorism and the Christians are born with the idea of peace. My belief is simple regarding religion, it is not a set of values which bond same type of humans. For me it is a set of rules which divides different types of humans.

Beaver Forever

An average human being has a tendency to acquire knowledge, with the sources at his desk he wants to gain it. We feel curious for things, about which we know something and for a thing which have never heard of we don’t even care to think.

This Eager Beaver lives within us. It lives till we’re hurrying to grow up. It continuously itches our back, so that we consume more information each day. As we grow up this beaver fall asleep.

The beaver growe136a71ba59f26a4f47bb6e34d2129b5s older within us as we grow mature. It grows older and the itch relaxes down. This beaver has a different life chain. It is born young, grows old then it go back to its childhood days. With the human getting old and insecure, many questions arose In its mind. This itch is just the same as the itch from the first day when a human grows to understand things.

The Eager Beaver lives till the death of the particular. It continues the itch and reduces the pain.

Attitude: Stay high!

We observe, We listen, We sense and then we evaluate and develop a mindset towards that particular object, that mindset or feeling is refered as attitude. Generally the human mind generates only two types of attitude, one is positive and other is negative. But how could one know what his/her attitude is towards anything?  And if it is negative, then how to solve it?

The answer is that you can find out the direction of your attitude height towards any object until the object itself tells you. And if the object tells you that you need to improve your attitude/ meaning that you have a negative approach to everything, remember there is nothing in the world that can help you change if you won;t believe in others, and there nothing in the world that can stop you from changing if you believe in yourself.

For the sake of yourself try to build up a positive side so that your attitude stays high. positive-attitude


24 November, 2k16

Today, Just an ordinary day. Yes, It is but for me it is the beginning of a new challenge.

Challenge lists down to a very long way. Seems hard, or it might be. Many of the Listed things are not of your interest, you know student’s matter.

But one challenge needs your support, it regards some emotional support. the thing is that i lost a friend today. Just today. No, he is not dead and he not even mean any importance in my life. The problem is that there is a weak point that he knows. It does not means that there is only anxiety within me that he will let the cat out of the bag, actually i am not.

He will or will not, i don’t care. From today. Attitude will Stay High.

Strange Relations!

Relations are getting complex  as I grow up, and the relatives are getting stranger. In this 21st century with no barrier between communicators, the wall of silence. It’s not the relatives who are changing, its me who has changed. I’m not left with the eagerness or curiosity to talk to anyone, neither the known ones nor the unknown’s. The eager beaver that once lived, is long gone now. This is the beaver’s age when he will show these signs, they should understand it. The mature ones must understand that when we reply back or react on what they have said, it’s not that we want to react. But only being the natural tendency of a human being to react, and being a teen he/she could easily lose his/her temper.Employee-Relations.jpg

Not even the relatives even the family members are becoming strange to me. The gaps between us are increasing. When I put my point, they think that I’m arguing. When I spent some time alone, they think that I don’t want to live with them; but actually I do want to live with them. Wish to spent time with them.

you might say it’s not good. It should not happen. But I say , it is a part of life. today, the relations are connected with a strange bond, and a day would surely come when this bond would be the most strongest of all.

Die Coward Die!

” Cowards die many times before deaths; the valiant never tastes of death but once.”

This line from Julius Caesar (play), written by William Shakespeare

“Ha! Die Coward Die!”

And this line straight from the brain to the post. Never mind.

With the latest thoughts in mind, I thought it would be great to add some confident heights  and dialogues to my posts. It sounded great first. But then my mind cross checked this idea and the result came out that it might make a fool of me. Might be. It frightened me, shook me a little. But when I came to know why I was frightened? I was terrified. The reason was, I never tried it in my whole life. I never took any Risk. Because I thought taking risk is Risky!

That moment left me alone looking like a coward begging for mercy from myself only, asking to let the moment of mockery go away. That’s what I said to him – “Coward, you don’t even deserve death”.

Building Up the Confidence

I can’t say it…..can’t write it……can’t describe it. I have the right words, even I know the right way to express it. But I don’t have enough courage. That much to share it even with you. Don’t think that I’ve been bounded with fear. I just can’t build up enough courage to say it.Self-Esteem-Self-Confidence-Healing.jpg

What the Heck! Are You Hesitating?

I am not hesitating, or else I am. The point is that I am not that confident to act, nor that much to react. I let myself to absorb the surroundings energy into me and let my mind decide whether to react or not. Generally, I don’t react outside because I think it would gather unwanted attention(could be more troublesome) but in a place related to my belongings (positiveness), then a feeling emerges that I must act. Or when it comes for me to talk to a girl or a woman then I get dumbstruck. Simply Dumbstruck. Or when it comes to leaving a comment on anything, ten out of fifty people comment face to face. I count myself in the forty who hesitate to comment. Its not only about my vocal behaviour…its same through my physical expressions.

Lent me some time to build up confidence. I’ve just laid the foundations… I will let you know when it is completed in  my next post. But I make my promise to you, world that I won’t hesitate anymore from today.


21st Century and….

The 21st century has been marked by growing economic globalization and integration, with consequent increased risk to interlinked economies, and by the expansion of communications with mobile phones and the Internet. The period has also been marked by growing military globalization, with consequent stabilization of peace and the spread of democracy.

Worldwide demand and competition for resources has risen due to growing populations and industrialization, especially in India, China and Brazil . This increased demand is causing increased levels of environmental degradation and a growing threat of global warming. That in turn has spurred the development of alternate, renewable sources of energy, proposals for cleaner fossil fuel technologies and expanded use of nuclear energy and, conversely, calls to eschew the indiscriminate large-scale employment of the “fissile fossil complex” of fissile- (nuclear) and fossil-fuel energy generation.

And That’s the end of world History. Aah! that was too lengthy and boring, still I missed many things and I don’t want to post it again. oh! never ever again. Can’t change the history.

Let the past remain in the past, because my next post gonna spin your BRAINS! 

Late Modern Era: The Stage of Destruction

The 20th century opened with Europe at an apex of wealth and power, and with much of the world under its direct colonial control or its indirect domination.  Much of the rest of the world was influenced by heavily Europeanized nations: the United States and Japan. As the century unfolded, however, the global system dominated by rival powers was subjected to severe strains, and ultimately seemed to yield to a more fluid structure of independent nations organized on Western models.

This transformation was catalyzed by wars of unparalleled scope and devastation. World War I destroyed many of Europe’s empires and monarchies, and weakened Britain and France. In its aftermath, powerful ideologies arose. The Russian Revolution of 1917 created the first communist state, while the 1920s and 1930s saw militaristic fascist dictatorships gain control in Italy, Germany, Spain and elsewhere.

Ongoing national rivalries, exacerbated by the economic turmoil of the Great Depression, helped precipitate World War II. The militaristic dictatorships of Europe and Japan pursued an ultimately doomed course of imperialist expansionism. Their defeat opened the way for the advance of Socialism and Communism into Central Europe, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, China, North Vietnam and North Korea.


After World War II ended in 1945, the United Nations was founded in the hope of allaying conflicts among nations and preventing future wars. The Soviet Union, the United States, the United Kingdom and China were recognized as the Allied “Big Four” during the war and considered as the primary victors of World War II. With the addition of France, these five countries became the permanent seats in the United Nations Security Council. The war had, however, left two nations, the United States and the Soviet Union, with principal power to guide international affairs. Each was suspicious of the other and feared a global spread of the other’s political-economic model. This led to the Cold War, a forty-five-year stand-off between the United States, the Soviet Union, and their respective allies. With the development of nuclear weapons and the subsequent arms race, all of humanity were put at risk of nuclear war between the two superpowers. Such war being viewed as impractical, proxy wars were instead waged, at the expense of non-nuclear-armed Third World countries.

The Cold War lasted to the 1990s, when the Soviet Union’s communist system began to collapse, unable to compete economically with the United States and western Europe; the Soviets’ Central European”satellites” reasserted their national sovereignty, and in 1991 the Soviet Union itself disintegrated.The United States for the time being was left as the “sole remaining superpower”. After the 1970s, the United States’ superpower status came into question as that country’s economic supremacy began to show signs of slippage.



Post Modern Era : Scientific advancement 

The Scientific revolution changed humanity’s understanding of the world and led to the Industrial Revolution, a major transformation of the world’s economies. The scientific revolution in the 17th century had made little immediate impact on industrial technology; only in the second half of the 18th century did scientific advances begin to be applied significantly to practical invention. The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain and used new modes of production — the factorymass production, and mechanization — to manufacture a wide array of goods faster and using less labour than previously. The Age of Enlightenment also led to the beginnings of modern democracy in the late-18th century American and French RevolutionsDemocracy and republicanismwould grow to have a profound effect on world events and on quality of life.

After Europeans had achieved influence and control over the Americas, theimperial activities turned to the lands of the Asia and Oceania. In the 19th century the European states had social and technological advantage over Eastern lands. Britain gained control of the Indian subcontinent, Egypt and the Malay Peninsula; the French took Indochina; while the Dutch cemented their control over the Dutch East Indies. The British also colonized Australia, New Zealand and South Africa with large numbers of British colonists emigrating to these colonies. Russia colonized large pre-agricultural areas of Siberia. In the late 19th century, the European powers divided the remaining areas of Africa. Within Europe, economic and military challenges created a system of nation states, and ethno-linguistic groupings began to identify themselves as distinctivenations with aspirations for cultural and political autonomy. This nationalism would become important to peoples across the world in the 20th century.

During the Second Industrial Revolution, the world economy became reliant on coal as a fuel, as new methods of transport, such as railways and steamships, effectively shrank the world. Meanwhile,industrial pollutionand environmen


tal damage, present since the discovery of fire and the beginning of civilization, accelerated drastically.

Medieval Era: Period of Invasions

In the world history, this era lasted from 5th to the the 15th century. It all began with the fall of Western Roman Empire.This era is divided itself into the Early, High and the Late Middle Ages.

Population decline, counterurbanisation, invasion, and movement of peoples which had begun near the end of 4th century, continued in the Early Middle Ages . in the seventh century, North Africa and the Middle East came under the rule of the Umayyad Caliphate, an Islamic empire, after conquest by Muhammad’s successors.

During the high middle ages, the population of  world increased greately as technological and agricultural innovations allowed trade to flourish. The crusaders first preached in 1095, were military attempts by western european christians to regain control of the Holy Land from muslims. Kings became the heads of centralised nation states, reducing crime and violence but making the ideal of a unified christendom. Theology of Thomas Aquinas, Paintings of Giotto, Poetry of Dante and Chaucer, travels of Marco Polo and the gothic adventures of Charters are among the outstanding achievments towards the end of the period and into the Late Middle Ages.

The Late middle Ages was marked by difficulties and calmities including famine, plague and war, which significantly diminished the population of Europe; between 1347 – 1350,the black death killed about a third of images-28
Europeans.Cultural and technological advancement led to the beginning of Renaissance era.

Ancient Era: The faded past

Ancient era records the beginning of Humanity. And extends as far to the classical ages. It refers to the era, when the history started being recorded. The Greek history started being recorded in 776 BC which clashes with the beginning of ancient Roman history in 753 BC.25486b736965a586a6c7d88822a89ad7.jpg

According to the archaeological study, there were many clues about the old civilizations. The prominent civilizations of that time were Mesopotamian, Indus Valley, Nile Valley/ Egyptian, Nubian, Mayan, Chinese, Persian, Greek, Roman, Aztec and Inca.

The Mesopotamian Civilization extended from 3300 BC – 750 BC, This civilization ranges from Sumer, Babylonia to  Assyrian highlands. The people were polytheistic, practicing cuneiform script.

The Indus valley Civilization extended from 3000 BC – 500 BC, ranging from East Pakistan to North west India(present). The people were polytheistic and hindu, practicing pictographic Script.

The Egyptian civilization survived from 3000 BC – 300 BC. It stretched along the north eastern Africa along  Nile river. The people were polytheistic and practiced Hieroglyphic Script.

The Nubian Civilization lived from 3000 BC – 350 BC. It Stretched along the Nile River. Where the people were polytheistic and hieroglyphic was their script.

The Mayan Civilization roared from 2000 BC – 1200 BC. It howled in the central part of America and in the Mexico. People followed polytheists and practiced Hieroglyphic Script.

The Chinese civilization lived from 2100 BC – 1 AD. The People were polytheistic and practiced Chinese as their script.

The Persian civilization record their survival in 750 BC. They Ranged throughout the Greater Persia. The people believed in Zoroastrianism and practiced Cuneiform and Pahlavi..

The Greek civilization survived from 2700 BC – 1500 BC, covering the western and central Greece. The people were Polytheistic and practiced Greek.

The Roman civilization extended from 600 BC – 400 AD. It covered the whole Italia. The People were polytheistic and practiced Latin.

The tribes of Aztec survived from 1325 AD – 1519 AD. These tribes covered the parts of Mexico. The tribal were polytheistic and practiced pictographic script.

The Inca tribes survived from 1300 AD – 1532 AD. These tribes covered the areas of Ecuador, Peru and Chile. The people being polytheistic, didn’t had any script.

“It was I who saw this great big land. With the dirty thoughts and Bad plan.”

Bragging World History

It could feel oppressive that after so much hardships we’ve overcome this history-boredom thesis and you are starting it again. yes, I am starting it again. what could I do? it’s the only good idea, I came up with. Starting from the very beginning. Covering all  the important and noticeable events of history. This post is only a short notification on the upcoming posts. The world history are era vise divided:

  1. Ancient Era
  2. Classical Era
  3. Medieval Era
  4. Renaissance  Era
  5. Pre-modern Era
  6. Modern era

6 November, 2k16

Today’s the day.Or I must say tonight’s the night.You know, world’s time period.

Giving a break to the pshycological thoughts from this moment and I am shifting my topics to…

I’ll let you guess.Need to go,a new idea is waiting for me.By the way Keep Guessing.

My Silly Mistake!

Number of mistakes done by me are increasing day to day. Everyday I make blunders. I include every mistake in one. The language errors, the clumsy walk, the slip talk and biggest of all, the loose hand which goes anywhere to everywhere.

Even In my recent posts I kept it at a continued end, linked every post to each other. Take it as my way. I will take it as my mistake. Mistake that I will do and will keep doing till I learn that people don’t do mistakes!mistake.jpg

The Power Of Visualization

We imagine, we draw a portrait of various things in our mind. But the question arises How? visualization-499x368.jpgIt’s the only cognitive tool accessing imagination to realize all aspects of an outcome, including recreation of mental sensory experience of sound, sight, smell and touch.

The technique of visualization is not as simple and primitive as it looks. it is a complex method with lots of mental strength because it is self straining job. When one starts imagining something, he triggers his visualization for better understanding. What one thinks, actually tries to live it through this power. This acts as an unlimited source of knowledge to him as he could draw his ideas to himself, but the real problem with this visualization is that we can’t describe it to anyone. If one can he could only do it through writing books, capturing videos or making documentaries. But it’s the hard way. The easy way could be found only through Visualisation.

Bending towards Imagination

Need to forget this real realm. Need to relax somewhere. But where to go? where can I find myself relaxed. In a soft couch or a bean bag chair or it could be a comfy bed. Could be anything. Anything I want. interestingly, I have it all. All stored in  my imagination.imagination-keyjpg


It’s the way I like it. You can’t even imagine what I have in  my mind. A world of thousands parallel dimensional world. Every world with its own story and intersecting at each point. Sometimes this imagination of mine tends to contradict the existence of my real identity.

Could be a blogger in this reality but in my imagination…ha! Don’t even bother to Visualize.

Facing the Reality

It is in the front of me. Staring wildly, planning something very nasty. I can’t withstand the pressure of guessing his next move. I am running out of time, so much back that I have no chance to hold myself on track. But I still have to face this Demon.  This REALITY.


Reality, Biggest enemy of mine. It defeats me every time I face it. Breaks my courage, breaks me down. Some might try to enjoy the reality. But the truth is, Reality is just mockery. Whenever someone laughs at my back,, it hurts me. ‘Just a fool’ somebody said and it got stuck to my mind. Can’t leave it behind. A bad joke on me, hurting me every time I remember it.

Can’t Face..

BUT if the reality is so harsh, then I need to grow up strong, Strong enough to face it. Face it. Need to increase my courage. Need to improve my Imagination. Need to improve myself. Need to LET IT GO!

Because it’s just the reality that I can’t face this demon. But I will face this demon.




Man to the World


It was I who firstly saw this great big Land.

With the dirty thoughts, and bad plan.

It was I who firstly sensed the fresh breeze coming from that lands,

with smoke in my breath and dust in my hand.

It was I who firstly touched this vast cleansed land,

With my conquering lust, and my dirty hands.

It was I who possessed the whole world alone,

With my own crown, with my alone throne.

It was then  when others came ,

with their fear they gave me an advice.

With this greed of yours, what we say – ‘you’ll die’,

Only then, When the world cries.

Silence & Silences!

Silence, being the exact answer to every question tends to be the most confusing question too. We try to find this question very tangling but when we find it, It happens to please us with its every moment.

But when silence comes along with silences, it surprises us. It approaches us, seems wonderful. But it causes great devastation in the form we never care to know.

It is Isolation!


Here I am trying to refer this isolation to a self-imposed state of complete or near-complete lack of contact between an individual and society. It differs from loneliness, which reflects a temporary lack of contact with other humans. Social isolation can be an issue for individuals of any age, though symptoms may differ by age group.

Social isolation has similar characteristics in both temporary instances and for those with an historical lifelong isolation cycle. All types of social isolation can include staying home for lengthy periods of time, having no communication with family, acquaintances or friends, or willfully avoiding any contact with other humans when those opportunities do arise.

It is both a potential cause and a symptom of emotional or psychological challenges. As a cause, the perceived inability to interact with the world and others can create an escalating pattern of these challenges. As a symptom, periods of isolation can be chronic or episodic, depending upon any cyclical changes in mood, especially in the case of clinical depression.

It increases feelings of loneliness and depression, fear of other people, or create a negative self-image. There is a realization in the individual that their isolating is not ‘normal behavior’ and can create the feeling that there is a whole world going on to which they do not belong or are unable to be a part of.

So, don’t try to wear the cloak of silence, or else you would fall into the great depths of Emptiness.



28 October, 2k16

Hi fellas ,tonight’s  the night when I’ve started my blog.

Its never too late for anyone to start blogging,but for a student like me,it’s too early.Don’t you think so?

If you think so,let me think too then.

Hmmm,an idea is emerging.let me tell you later on.Maybe tomorrow.

Rest in peace…

To my valiant brothers

These are my words few,

Not the last ones

Only a message to you.

I am left alone

By you all,

Around this warzone

On this foul night fall.

A whole of two hands

Of you sleeping in space,

Surrounded by tombstones,

Soon among the graves.

No, I won’t cry

Not this second,

Keeping my head straight high

For such woeful end.

No one shall infiltrate

Till I stand.

On this blood soaked

Disputed border land.

Brothers! I will keep my word

Remain at ease,

As I hold this battleground

Till you rest in peace.



Words were alive,

With lifeless alphabets.


On a turbulent lane.

Lane became stable,

With pacing ideas.

Pop! An abrupt stop,

Seems, word had died.

It had been days,

Since the sheet starved.

With a deep desire and 

Longing in heart.

Today, the ink flows

Again through the pen,

On the blank paper

To satisfy its thirst.

Writer had survived,

Laziness of the east.

With words as a poem,

And a mark of Revival.

Back with a Bang! 😉 By the way, sorry for the break.

We will meet!

​On the shimmering Eve,

I promised you

We will meet.

Under the Night’s Claw,

On the same seat

We will meet.

Others won’t stare,

Coz they don’t know

Don’t let them discover.

Each other we seek

Everywhere, Every time

We meet.

So, it is then;

You will be there today,

Waiting to meet.

Everything would be the same, Except few;

There would be someone else, someone new.

It won’t be like, what happened till yesterday

In the solemn silence, nothing is left to say.

I Won’t wait, as I had said;

You will cry too, for the tears I shed.  

On The same place, the same seat,

No other day, we will meet.

Love fades!


Partition’s Morrow

​Leaders stood straight,

No one ever flinched;

Pulled Oppressors nerve,

Held a tight clinch.

Oppressors countered 

Segregated them into two;

Some revolted,

Silent remained the few.

Night of freedom came,

Shouts for prosperous days;

Parted one country to two,

Future vision was filled with haze.

Millions burned in the flames,

While others rejoiced;

Freedom we saw,

Partition we kept aside.

Martyr’s Spirits had cried that night,

Surprisingly with joy and sorrow.

Some rejoice for Independence,

Other mourn on partition’s morrow.

Brother to Sister

I care about you,

And bother not to show.

I smile in your presence ,

Laugh in your absence.

And fear too.

I am your brother,

Not a thread measure;

But a blood bond.

Lend each other,

Our courage, our support,

Our love and 

I am not melting,

Just trying to show you, 

I am your brother.



There’s so much rush among everyone to achieve something in life. We want to be ‘the best’ . Each one of us want to touch the peak. 

Carelessly we brush off the efforts needed. In a hurry, we start off. We rest in the midway. And when we reach the end, we jump. We leap through the obstacles.

Let’s consider yourself a good observer and hold the faults we do. 

  • We start off hurriedly – Beginning with something needs proper planning. We concoct before we start. If not, we get stuck  before the midway.
  • Rest in Midway – Midway was never meant for rest. It’s the phase which cries out for our hard work and efforts. We are even opposed on our paths. Put a small halt, don’t rest. Because there’s another half left to cover.
  • Leaping to the end – Conclude your work with patience and dedicate yourself to it. Don’t leap obstacles, get inspiration from them. If not, the same would happen when you fall on a blind step.

    These paths are not finite, they are unquestionably infinite. We all have different opinions regarding each topic. Whether it is about being ‘the best’ or ‘resting in the midway’.